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• 11/24/2015

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur released for SG and MY

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur is now available in English for Singapore and Malaysia! Game file downloads are currently glacial, and there are some bugs that will prevent you from doing the tutorial.
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• 10/22/2015

Million Arthur Global termination on December 7, 2015

Game will be terminated on December 7, 2015. Forum Post
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• 9/25/2015

Mobile friendliness/new look

This morning a thought suddenly struck me, should something be done about the mobile friendliness of this wiki?
I don't like how it is on mobile devices as it is right now, the design is clearly meant more for desktop than mobile. But, considering this wiki is about a mobile game, I could imagine a fair amount of the traffic would be from mobile devices.
Having, for once, the motivation to do something for more than an hour, I made this test page as an example of how it could be more friendly for mobile devices. It's a rather large change, and wouldn't be compatible with the current templates as-is, but it's just an example of an idea for making it more mobile friendly.
Just want to mention, for starters I've only looked into making it friendly for mobile devices, using some custom CSS it should be possible to set it up nicely for desktop as well.
I know it'd require a lot of work setting it up properly, and it would also need custom CSS, but now I've thrown the idea out here :P I'd be happy to try and set things up, and try out different things to see if it could be fixed to work well for mobile and desktop, if there's interest in it.
Well, enough of my random ramblings, what do you guys think about it? Good idea? Go away? Suggestions? Or maybe something else? :P
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• 9/18/2015

Looking for a way to contribute without messing stuff up

So- I've been perusing the wiki and noticed that I have cards that don't appear here yet, particularly of the newest set.
I can take screenshots and such but I've never worked on a wikia before and am afraid that if I start trying to add stuff I will mess things up.
Is there a guide for dummies (...really dumb dummies) for adding files/pages/images or is there a way I can upload things so that others can actually post them?
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• 9/11/2015

Evolved cards

How will we deal with evolved cards? Separate pages? Or maybe just tabbed 'Detail' section? Or ...? Any ideas or opinions?
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• 9/11/2015

Anybody else having technical issues with login?

I'm located in North Ameriaca and haven't been able to login all day- I read the announcement about the problem with the HIVE logins but am shocked that its taking this long to fix.
Is everyone having this problem?
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• 9/4/2015

Card images

No longer relevant, all previously missing images provided in the zip should be up!

Hey, I've been making a few edits the last few weeks, whenever I had the time to do so. During my time looking around I've come by some pages missing card images, which is understandable. So, I decided to spend a bit of time cutting out all the card images I currently have in my card collection.
However, I don't really have the time to look through all pages and upload missing images, so I thought I'd zip them up, upload them and post a link here to them here so if there's anyone who wants to, they can look through them.
So without further ado, here's a zip archive with 170 183 images of the cards I have cut out (updated the archive as some images had a touch marker overlay on them, and decided to add images of the cards I've gotten since). The majority are only level 1 images, a few have max level and prism versions. I didn't look through the pages to look for specific missing images, as it was faster just taking all of them and automate the cropping of the images.
I already went through the icons for these cards earlier, so I didn't include them.
I hope it is alright posting this :P
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• 8/15/2015

Evolution Page

What do you think about the evolution page: too long, too many tables?
I've got a couple more designs here:

continuous table
compressed/cramped style
Or maybe separate the unique material for each faction and just make one table? I'm not sure how I'm going to show how much is needed though...
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• 9/6/2015


Some of the illustrators are in Japanese or Chinese characters. Are we going to romanize them? I can type/look for those.
From a long-term goal, when they start adding cards from a different server, it'll be hard to romanize Chinese and Korean names without official romanization. We will have to make rules for those.
P.S. Vote on the poll on the front page.
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• 8/11/2015

Using jQuery to list card stats

If anyone else knows jQuery, you'd be better off imitating this wiki so you could make card tables.
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• 8/11/2015

Release date guides

Release dates:

June 9, 2015 (soft-launch): applicable for cards in exploration territories, friend point gacha
(month date, year) (events): for cards release on events like Aerozol
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• 8/10/2015

Wiki design

The background is from the official forum. Its quality got butchered a lot since the limit is only 300kb. Image quality not-so-butchered now, cut the sides first before resizing. If you have a different background in mind, please feel free to change it.
The favicon's from the Facebook page. Yeah, looks the same with SEA wiki besides the small green GAMEVIL logo. Nothing we can do about that, it's the same game.
I just sort of copied the color scheme of the forum. Please feel free to change it.
If anyone's good with Photoshop or any editing software, please edit the logo for the wordmark.
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