This is an incomplete list of available cards.

Premium Card GachaEdit

Uses Gacha Ticket or Million Coins.

Super Rare

80px 80px (Clone) El Icon 80px (Second) Eliosa Icon (Clone) Fey Icon 80px 80px (Student) Gareth Icon (First) Gawain Icon 80px (Stellar) Lyra Icon (Second) Minoaur Icon 80px 80px (Aestas) Nimue Icon 80px 80px (Clone) Reafe Icon 80px Sicilia Icon 80px 80px (Second) Tor Icon (Stellar) Virgo Icon

Rare +

(Second) Pelleas Icon


(Second) Hector de Maris Icon (Support) Lusca Icon (Second) Pieke Icon (Unique) St. Germain Icon

Friend Point GachaEdit

Uses 200 Friend Points per card.

Rare +

(Stellar) Antares Icon (Support) Fyne Icon (Support) Harun Icon (Stellar) Murzim Icon (Unique) Napoleon Icon (Stellar) Scorpion Icon (Second) Ywain Icon


(Second) Balan Icon (Invader) Bors Icon (Second) Frances Icon (Second) Rield Icon (Unique) Salome Icon (Support) Selenite Icon (Second) Suwari Icon

Normal +

(Stellar) Altair Icon (Second) Anaconda Icon (Second) Bisclavret Icon (Second) Cellini Icon (Second) Erec Icon (Support) Giorgio Icon (Second) Gornemant Icon (Second) Guivret Icon (Second) Lanceor Icon (Support) Laudine Icon (Support) Riisha Icon (Second) Sable Icon (Second) Tarquin Icon


(Second) Agravain Icon (Second) Bors the Younger Icon (Second) Breunor Icon (Support) Cookie Icon (Support) Elza Icon (Second) Ironside Icon (Support) Ither Icon (Second) Kardeiz Icon (Second) Kismo Icon (Support) Lyonesse Icon (Second) Maleagant Icon (Support) Olwen Icon (Support) Paldish Icon (Second) Pellinore Icon (Second) Shelrhythm Icon (Second) Telramund Icon

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