(Aestas) Arthur - Tech Specialist(Aestas) El(Aestas) Elaine
(Aestas) Galahad(Aestas) Guinevere(Aestas) Morgan
(Aestas) Morgause(Aestas) Nimue(Clone) El
(Clone) Fey(Clone) Reafe(Command) Guinevere
(Control) Bedivere(First) Galahad(First) Gawain
(First) Lancelot(Invader) Ban(Invader) Bors
(Invader) Lucius(Nebula) Andromeda(Oracle) Merlin
(Precedent) Nimue(Prototype) Brandegoris(Prototype) Lot
(Prototype) Rience(Prototype) Urien(Prototype) Vortigern
(Second) Agravain(Second) Alannah(Second) Anaconda
(Second) Ash(Second) Bagdemagus(Second) Balan
(Second) Belin(Second) Bernard(Second) Bisclavret
(Second) Bors the Younger(Second) Breunor(Second) Cador
(Second) Calogrenant(Second) Cellini(Second) Christine
(Second) Colgrevance(Second) Damas(Second) Duty
(Second) Eliosa(Second) Elyan(Second) Erec
(Second) Ettarde(Second) Frances(Second) Funk
(Second) Gaheris(Second) Gareth(Second) Garlon
(Second) Gornemant(Second) Gottfried(Second) Griflet
(Second) Gromer Somer Joure(Second) Guivret(Second) Hector de Maris
(Second) Ironside(Second) Jacqueline(Second) Kahedin
(Second) Kardeiz(Second) Kismo(Second) Lamorak
(Second) Lanceor(Second) Launfal(Second) Lava
(Second) Lohengrin(Second) Lucan(Second) Lucica
(Second) Mabonagrin(Second) Maleagant(Second) Marbach
(Second) Mark(Second) Meliot(Second) Mental
(Second) Morholt(Second) Nice(Second) Oryll
(Second) Paggi(Second) Pelleas(Second) Pellinore
(Second) Percival(Second) Pieke(Second) Rexanne
(Second) Rield(Second) Sable(Second) Shelrhythm
(Second) Sleet(Second) Stadel(Second) Suwari
(Second) Tarquin(Second) Telramund(Second) Tristan
(Second) Ywain(Special) Ambrosius(Special) Gorlois
(Special) Gringolet(Special) Rowena(Special) Ywain's Lion
(Stellar) Altair(Stellar) Antares(Stellar) Aquila
(Stellar) Lyra(Stellar) Murzim(Stellar) Scorpion
(Stellar) Spica(Stellar) Vega(Stellar) Virgo
(Student) Enide(Student) Ganeida(Student) Gareth
(Student) Himiko(Student) Karenya(Student) Mary
(Student) Nicole(Student) Peridot(Support) Aegi
(Support) Agravadain(Support) Alma(Support) Brangaine
(Support) Brisen(Support) Caelia(Support) Candy
(Support) Carnelian(Support) Chianti(Support) Cookie
(Support) Elaine the Grail Bearer(Support) Elza(Support) Enide
(Support) Evaine(Support) Fyne(Support) Ganeida
(Support) Giorgio(Support) Harun(Support) Hibernia
(Support) Iseult of the White Hands(Support) Iseult the Blond(Support) Ither
(Support) Juanita(Support) Klackie(Support) Laudine
(Support) Lunete(Support) Lusca(Support) Lynette
(Support) Lyonesse(Support) Melor(Support) Melt
(Support) Morozof(Support) Olwen(Support) Ortrud
(Support) Paldish(Support) Panzie(Support) Pollygraff
(Support) Psyaty(Support) Ragnelle(Support) Rank
(Support) Reese(Support) Riisha(Support) Rise
(Support) Rosalia(Support) Selenite(Support) Tinia
(Support) Uneli(Support) Unia(Support) Xiol
(Support) Yukimachi(Trainer) Kay(Unique) Antoinette
(Unique) Belleville(Unique) Blanchefleur(Unique) Caesar
(Unique) Cleopatra(Unique) Dietrich(Unique) Georgius
(Unique) Hannibal(Unique) Hervor(Unique) Himiko
(Unique) Lucrezia(Unique) Mary(Unique) Napoleon
(Unique) Orion(Unique) Salome(Unique) Snow White
(Unique) St. Germain(Witch) Elaine(Witch) Morgause
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