Magic Society is one of the four card factions.

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Magic Society
(Second) Ironside Icon (Support) Ortrud Icon (Second) Telramund Icon (Support) Brisen Icon (Second) Breunor Icon
(Support) Elza Icon (Second) Maleagant Icon (Unique) Blanchefleur Icon (Second) Cador Icon (Second) Pellinore Icon
(Support) Cookie Icon (Second) Kismo Icon (Support) Paldish Icon (Support) Melor Icon (Second) Gottfried Icon
(Support) Brangaine Icon (Support) Ragnelle Icon (Second) Garlon Icon (Second) Tarquin Icon (Second) Launfal Icon
(Second) Lanceor Icon (Support) Agravadain Icon (Special) Rowena Icon (Second) Sleet Icon (Support) Hibernia Icon
(Second) Mental Icon (Second) Sable Icon (Second) Lohengrin Icon Arthur - Sorcery Master Icon (Unique) Cleopatra Icon
(Unique) Salome Icon (Unique) St. Germain Icon (Unique) Snow White Icon (Support) Elaine the Grail Bearer Icon (Second) Ettarde Icon
(Support) Evaine Icon Arbitrator Knight Icon (Support) Panzie Icon (Support) Aegi Icon (Second) Frances Icon
(Support) Lusca Icon (Support) Pollygraff Icon (Second) Stadel Icon (Support) Yukimachi Icon Ms Unobtained Icon
(Support) Enide Icon (Unique) Antoinette Icon (Unique) Himiko Icon (Second) Percival Icon (Command) Guinevere Icon
(Support) Candy Icon (Support) Juanita Icon (Support) Unia Icon (Support) Rosalia Icon (Support) Klackie Icon
(Second) Ash Icon (Second) Marbach Icon (Aestas) Galahad Icon Ms Unobtained Icon (Stellar) Scorpion Icon
(Stellar) Murzim Icon (Stellar) Antares Icon Ms Unobtained Icon Ms Unobtained Icon Ms Unobtained Icon
(Second) Eliosa Icon (Precedent) Nimue Icon (Aestas) El Icon Ms Unobtained Icon (Aestas) Guinevere Icon
Ms Unobtained Icon (Student) Enide Icon Ms Unobtained Icon (Nebula) Andromeda Icon

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