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Crowning a KingEdit

Episode 1Edit

Name Unlock at Reward
The Wielder of the Sword Start of the game
Fey "Amazing! You pulled out the legendary sword! Which means, you must be..."
Arthur "That's it? That's all I need to do?"
Fey "Why, yes! Yes, that's more than enough! There's no doubt about it. You are destined to rule over Britain!"
Fey "The 983,067th hero to wield Excalibur: Arthur, ruler of all Britain!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "Wait, what? Run that by me again?"
Fey "Sigh... I'll only say it once more. You are the 983,067th person to extract Excalibur."
Merlin "That's enough fanfare, Fey."
Arthur "Merlin, there must be a mistake. Surely so many people can't have already wielded Excalibur before me?!"
Merlin "Who says there's only one Excalibur, eh?"
Merlin "Excalibur may prove its wielder's ability to rule, but there are more potential monarchs than you think..."
Arthur "But 983,066 of them...?!"
Fey "There are more important things to discuss at hand."
Arthur "More important?! We're trying to decide the ruler of Britain here, in case you hadn't noticed!"
Merlin "And we can't discuss the ruler of Britain without mentioning the royal duties."
Merlin "Not the least of which is defending the kingdom against the Invaders."
The Invaders Start of the game Exp
Merlin "You will need this. It is a model of the Round Table."
Arthur "What's the use of this tiny Round Table?"
Merlin "To wield the power of your knights. You use it by amassing sets of cards."
Fey "Knight cards are set in order of strength, starting with the strongest. You can edit your deck later."
Arthur "And why would I need to control knights?"
Merlin "Foreign invaders are afoot, young Arthur."
Mission Briefing
Fey "Enemies have come from the southern seas to invade the shores of Camelot."
Fey "You must head to the coast and drive away any attempts to besiege your land!"
Merlin "The Invaders are skilled fighters of terrifying strength. If they invade, our people are done for."
Fey "Please, for the sake of Britain! Go to the coast and defend our land! You're our only hope!"
Arthur "My father, Uther Pendragon, was a king of outstanding caliber."
Arthur "Alas, he is no longer with us. When he disappeared, peaceful Britain plunged into an age of turbulence."
Arthur "The enemy has seized this moment to strike."
Arthur "A great legion heads this way from their land beyond the sea..."
Arthur "My father spoke often of these Invaders."
Change Scene
Arthur "There are so many of them! Do we really have what it takes to push them back?!"
Merlin (Radio) "Ordinarily, my answer would be no."
Merlin (Radio) "But you are no ordinary warrior. You are the wielder of Excalibur! Never forget who you are!"
Battle against Giant Cyborg
Arthur "Did we... just manage to hold them off?"
Arthur "Hold on, did EVERYONE here manage to pull Excalibur from the stone?"
Merlin (Radio) "You must prove yourself before you can become the true king. Fight hard, and above all, survive! Look, enemies!"
Some time passed.
Arthur "(Huff... Puff...) No one can escape Excalibur's wrath! Go back to where you belong!"
Fey (Radio) "I'm picking up a strong energy reading from the southern seas. It must be a dragon!"
Fey (Radio) "Judging by its magical power, I'd say at least a Class 2. In other words: take cover!"
Arthur "Wha-?"
There's shaking.
Fey (Radio) "I've lost all signals with the Excaliburs on the coast! Master, Excaliburs down! I repeat, we have Excaliburs down!"
Merlin (Radio) "As feared, our forces still aren't strong enough!"
Arthur "W-What do you mean, "not strong enough"?"
Arthur "We're the wielders of Excalibur! Nothing's can stand in our way!"
Fey (Radio) "Class Dragon detected! Angry flying reptile, incoming!"
Arthur "...!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "...What's it doing?"
Merlin (Radio) "It appears to be retreating."
Merlin (Radio) "Taming a dragon is no easy feat. One false move, and it can vaporize your army in an instant."
Arthur "So we're going up against... whoever tamed THAT thing?!"
Arthur "The Invaders from beyond the sea..."
Post-Battle Report
Fey "You've driven the Invaders away for now. Nice work back there."
Fey "We've sustained heavy casualties, but we managed to stave off the worst."
Fey "You did well, Arthur. Rest up and gather your strength."
The Legend of the Lake 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Merlin "Arthur, may I have a word?"
Arthur "What is it now?"
Arthur "Come to sweet-talk me again? Tell me how I'm the one true ruler before sending me out to die?"
Merlin "I was worried you'd see it like that. There's more to being king than wielding a sword, Arthur."
Merlin "Arthur, as part of your duties as sworn ruler, you are required to govern a single town."
Merlin "This is an important task, Arthur. You will not defeat the Invaders solely by triumphing over them in battle."
Merlin "This is a war between nations. It is not enough that the crown alone be strong; the realm must be as well."
Arthur "So you're repel the Invaders, I must train my people, too?"
Fey "A strong realm and populace will be to your advantage, Arthur."
Fey "The knights registered to your Round Table obey the one who wields Excalibur."
Fey "Their powers help with the development of your town."
Arthur "And that means...?"
Merlin "Come with me, and I shall explain. You must realize by now that your knights are not just ordinary people."
Arthur "Wait a minute. I've heard about the "Lake" and "combining", but I don't even know what knights are!"
Change Scene
Arthur "They're not...human?"
Merlin "Arthur, how familiar are you with the tales of the Ancients?"
Arthur "I know they died out centuries ago. Their ruins can be found deep within the forests and seas."
Merlin "There was an age when Man lived with the faeries, and the faeries looked after wondrous devices."
Merlin "The "Lake" is one such ancient relic. I was able to repair it enough to make it operational."
Arthur "You what?"
Merlin "I even tinkered around with Fey, who controls the Lake."
Merlin "Faeries cannot usually be understood by humans. Although as a Briton, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that."
Arthur "Tell me what the Lake is."
Merlin "It is a device that can be used for many purposes. It was used to create Excalibur, in fact."
Merlin "It can also be used to create the life forms we call knights, depending on the wishes of its user."
Merlin "Once upon a time, we gathered all the genes of the great kings and soldiers. They were used during civil strife."
Arthur "So the faeries used their magical devices to make knights out of those genes..."
Fey "Knights are first created the genes of heroes. Then we use magic to make their bodies stronger than humans."
Arthur "You're just as bad as the Invaders..."
Arthur "Is this how far you're prepared to go to fight?!"
Merlin "Unfortunately, this is the reality of the situation."
Merlin "The only way to end it now is to win the war. And the only one who can do that is you, young Arthur."
The Knight of the Lake 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Lancelot "So you're Arthur, huh?"
Arthur "Who's asking?"
Lancelot "My name is Lancelot. I am a Knight of the Lake. Fear not. I mean no harm."
Lancelot "I'm here to receive your orders. You seem better than the other kings as well."
Arthur "Other kings...? Speaking of which, where are the other Arthurs? Maybe if we could combine our strength, we could..."
Lancelot "Oh, they're probably off killing each other somewhere."
Arthur "Wha-?"
Lancelot "I said they're off killing one another."
Lancelot "No matter how many Excaliburs were pulled from the stone, there can only be one King at the end of the day."
Lancelot "And when there can only be one ruler... Well, you can probably guess what happens next."
Arthur "Everyone starts fighting among themselves..."
Lancelot "As far as Merlin's concerned, it's all just mock battles designed to gauge the abilities of each Arthur."
Lancelot "By making the Arthurs fight each other, only the strongest will survive at the end and remain for Merlin's cause!"
Arthur "B-But... What about the Invaders? Britain's already in a precarious situation as it is!"
Lancelot "You are wise. I understand your anger, but I suspect that Merlin has already factored this into his plans."
Arthur "And that means...?"
Lancelot "What better than an impending crisis to focus the abilities and the fury of men?"
Arthur "So he's getting us to fight one another so that we develop the necessary skills to defeat our opponents?"
Lancelot "A loser in the mock battle can never be the ruler capable of defeating the Invaders. It's like natural selection."
Arthur "Why, that sneaky..."
Lancelot "Knights may appear a little...strange to humans such as yourself. They were made by faeries, after all."
Lancelot "Don't forget. As far as knights are concerned, humans are wondrous, powerful beings."
Arthur "......"
Lancelot "Heh... It's precisely the fact that this makes you uncomfortable that leads me to believe you're different from the rest."
Lancelot "Come. It's time to pit your abilities against your fellow men. Show the world what you've got! For the sake of Britain!"
Magic Resources 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Fey "It looks as though the Invaders are getting ready to attack again."
Arthur "What do the Invaders want with Britain anyway? Don't they have enough space on their continent?"
Merlin "They want our magic resources."
Arthur "Our magic resources?"
Merlin "In Britain, we take magic for granted. But in the land of the Invaders, magic is a rarity."
Fey "Faeries cannot use their powers properly outside their comfort zones in the forests and seas of Britain."
Arthur "But why? How come the Invaders can't use magic where they come from?"
Merlin "Their technology far surpasses our own. However, this has led to devastating pollution in their lands."
Merlin "Faeries live in forests, but many of the forests were actually created by the Ancients to spread magic in Britain."
Merlin "They used to be mere shrubs, but now they're indistinguishable from the ordinary forests."
Merlin "And this is but one example. Volcanoes, rivers, sand dunes, plains... All closely connected to the Ancients."
Merlin "Our rich abundance of natural resources lies at the heart of all our magic-- resources our enemies don't have."
Arthur "Do the Invaders know about this?"
Merlin "It would appear not. As far as they're concerned, our magic is the result of technology that they've yet to attain."
Fey "The only magic the Invaders know how to use is the fiery breath of the ancient Dragons they've successfully tamed."
Fey "Aside from that, they don't seem to have developed the ability to use magic directly."
Merlin "What's more, the size of those hulking dragons means they require an awful lot of food the keep them in shape."
Merlin "The Invaders may treat Dragons as their saviors, but in fact, it's the Dragons that are ruining their forests."
Arthur "So the Invaders are actually victims too, in a way..."
Merlin "Be that as it may, you mustn't forget that they are the enemy."
Merlin "They are an example of what we must never allow ourselves to become. Britain should not fall into their hands!"
Saving Cameliard (Boss Battle) 100 Friend Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 250 Friend Points
Merlin "There is a lack of harmony between the Excalibur, the Round Table, and the knights."
Merlin "I have summoned the family in charge of the Round Table to come and re-balance the table."
Fey "The family has long ruled Cameliard of central Britain, but King Rience is plotting to seize the land from them."
Fey "If we don't put a stop to Rience's plans for domination, the people of Cameliard will not be able to help us."
Merlin "Your objective is to rescue Princess Guinevere, the leader of the Round Table."
Merlin "Her cooperation will prove indispensable in our fight against the Invaders."
Merlin "Remember that, young Arthur. We're counting on you."
Change Scene
Lancelot "Well, well. Turns out Merlin's plans aren't foolproof after all. He's a callous one, that old man..."
Lancelot "A noble maiden is at risk of being attacked by a marauding tyrant - isn't that reason enough to save her?"
Arthur "I know his type. He needs a reason for everything, even to do good deeds."
Arthur "But deep down, he's worried about the princess's safety. That's his real reason for ordering us to protect Cameliard."
Lancelot "Hmph. You think a magician obsessed with getting what he wants really cares about other people? Well..."
Lancelot "Now let's go teach this King Rience a thing or two about chivalry."
Battle against Rience Soldier
HP 30360
Rience Soldier 1 "H-Huh?!"
Rience Soldier 2 "R-reinforcements! And they don't appear to be the usual Cameliard forces!"
Rience "Who goes there?!"
Lancelot "Ho ho! I am Lancelot of the Camelot army."
Lancelot "Tell this scoundrel who you are! He's barely worth the bother. Think of him as the first stepping stone to greatness."
Rience "B-Blasphemy! How dare you speak to the great King Rience like that?!"
Lancelot "Pfft. What good is a king who couldn't even extract the Excalibur? Prepare to tremble before the might of a true king!"
Arthur "I am Arthur!"
Arthur "Listen up, land-grabber! You call yourself a soldier, waltzing into kingdoms and turning your sword on women?!"
Arthur "By the power entrusted in me by Excalibur, I'll put your cowardly ways to rest!"
Battle against Rience
HP 33120
Rience "(Hah... Puff...) I thought that girl would be a fine gift for the Eleven Kings."
Rience "Time for me to retreat! Troops, don't let them get any further! Protect me with your lives!"
Arthur "...He's on the run. Still, you've got to feel sorry for any vassal whose job is to protect that guy."
Lancelot "Should we go after him?"
Arthur "Let him rum. We've already done our duty to protect the land and save the princess."
Arthur "...Besides, there's no use spilling more blood over a lowlife like that."
Post-Battle Report
Fey "King Rience has fled Cameliard for good! Form an alliance with Cameliard, and he won't cause trouble...for now, at least."
Merlin "It looks as though Princess Guinevere will be safe and sound."
Merlin "Well done, Arthur. I knew I could count on you."
Princess Guinevere 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Well, I never! So you're Arthur, are you?"
Arthur "Uh, yeah..."
Guinevere "Guinevere here, at your service. I'm the Princess of Cameliard."
Merlin "You can bring harmony to Excalibur, the Round Table, and your knights if you assign a leader to your Round Table."
Arthur "To be honest, I hadn't even noticed any issues... Do you really think you'll be able to fix it?"
Guinevere "A piece of cake! Merlin has been doing his best, but his methods are quite sloppy."
Merlin "First, you must decide how many knights you need. You have a few more than I expected, Arthur."
Merlin "Anyway, the strength of each Arthur's model tables are more or less the same."
Merlin "If you wanted to wipe out all the knights of the Round Table, you would have to slay all the Arthurs."
Guinevere "(Hmm... But then there wouldn't be much of a competition between the Round Tables, now would there?)"
Arthur "Well...? Can you fix it?"
Guinevere "I said it'd be a piece of cake, didn't I? But before that..."
Arthur "Hm?"
Guinevere "I owe you one punch from back there!"
You hear punching sounds.
Fey "H-Hey!! W-What, are you crazy?! And besides, that's more than one punch!"
Merlin "You've gone and stunned the poor child!"
Guinevere "Shut it, old man! What's this I hear about you letting King Rience escape after he invaded my kingdom back there?"
Guinevere "WELL?! Why didn't you gut him where he stood?!"
Guinevere "Awww, is the little kiddy-widdy too scared to get his "pwecious" hands dirty? Then leave it to me, next time!"
Guinevere "Enemies are for slicing, y'hear me?! Threats are to be neutralized! Or did they not teach you that back in knight school?"
Lancelot "Hold your horses, lady. We let him escape for the sake of those working for him, not for Rience himself."
Lancelot "The way of the knight might not mean much to you, but Arthur acted like a true and noble king back there!"
Guinevere "Watch your tongue, pretty boy!"
Lancelot "What did you just call me?! Come here, and I'll wipe that smirk clean off your face!"
Guinevere "Hmph. Anyway, this is boring."
Guinevere "...Oh well, no use in dwelling on what's done. At least this way I've got something to look forward to, I guess."
Lancelot "(Sigh... We might've bitten off more than we can chew with this one, Your Grace.)"
Arthur "(...I'm all for women's independence, but does she have to be so mean about everything?!)"
Guinevere "(Ahem! I can hear you, by the way.)"
Arthur/Lancelot "Yikes!!"
Love Is Mysterious 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Fey "Guinevere! A letter has arrived for you from Cameliard."
Guinevere "Ooh, from Papa, perhaps...? Hand it over, let me see..."
Guinevere "... ... ... ... ... ..."
Guinevere "Arthur! Hey, Arthur!"
Arthur "(...Is there any chance she didn't see me?)"
Guinevere "How dare you! Where do you get off making deals with my papa in private, huh?!"
Fey "Waaaagghh! She's grabbed Arthur by his collar and is suspending him up in the air!"
Arthur "H-Hey, put me down! What's the big idea?!"
Guinevere "O-ho! So you're playing dumb now, eh?! Here! Read what it says!"
Guinevere "To the heroic king who saved Cameliard, as a mark of my respect, please accept my daughter's hand in marriage."
Guinevere "My stubborn papa would never give up his only daughter just like that! WELL?! What do you have to say for yourself, Arthur?"
Fey "Uh oh..."
Arthur "Why don't you ask your dad? He's the one who sent the letter."
Guinevere "You think this is just a big joke, don't you? I can read it plainly on your face!"
Arthur "Lots of Arthurs helped saved Cameliard. How do you know I'm the one your father is even thanking?"
Guinevere "Hang on, now that you mention it, I remember there are an infinite number of Round Table Models. How many again?"
Fey "Ahem."
Fey "There are currently 1,017,002 candidates for Britain's throne who have pulled the Excalibur. Both male and female."
Guinevere "What?! THAT many? Show me that list!"
Guinevere "Could this mean that my foolish father has offered my hand in marriage to all the Arthurs?"
Fey "It'd make for an interesting wedding night, at least..."
Guinevere "Whose idea was it to give this faery a sarcasm function?!"
Guinevere "Is this some kind of sick joke...? Does my father really expect me to marry a child? Or an old person?!"
Guinevere "Arthur, you beast! This is all your fault! I'm going to teach you a lesson for interfering in my affairs!"
You hear punching sounds.
Fey "H-Hey! Don't put Arthur in a headlock!"
Guinevere "Hmph. The important thing is that a word of this travesty must no get out. It would be an absolute disaster."
Guinevere "Arthur! For now at least, you are to pretend that we are betrothed."
Guinevere "If any other suitor comes for me, you shall protect my honor. Have I made myself clear?"
Arthur "Umm... Actually, I'm not sure I want to be betrothed to--"
Arthur "Sigh... Here we go again."
A Formidable Foe (Boss Battle) 1 Shellycoat
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(3) 500 Friend Points
Fey "We've got trouble!"
Fey "Unidentified forces are launching an assault against Camelot! We must hurry to the city and retaliate!"
Merlin "This is not a drill like your confrontations with the other Arthurs. Real lives are at stake. You must win!"
Change Scene
Arthur "Who are they? They don't look like the Invaders. Could it be Rience's forces?"
Guinevere "King Rience, you say?! You know what to do, Arthur! It's a Rience-sauté for supper tonight!"
Lancelot "We can't be sure it's him yet, but it matters not."
Lancelot "Either way, our mission is the same. The enemy's identity will soon become apparent once we lock swords."
Battle against (Second) Garlon
HP 59616
Arthur "(Huff... Puff...) These guys are way too tough to be Rience's forces! Their strength isn't human..."
Lancelot "Heaven only knows who we're up against, but it looks like we're not the only ones using Knights of the Lake!"
Battle against (Second) Launfal
HP 59616
Arthur "These guys sure as heck aren't the Invaders, but they're also not from Camelot either. Who on earth are they?!"
Lancelot "There'll be time for that later. First, let's just focus on getting out of this alive!"
Battle against (Second) Damas
HP 59616
Arthur "Did we...get them all?"
Lancelot "Arthur! Watch out!"
Arthur "(Cough... cough...)"
Arthur "Who the heck are you?!"
Lot "Hm... You're quick on your feet, I'll give you that. But that alone won't save you!"
Lancelot "Prepare yourself, Arthur! It looks like this guy means business!"
Lot "Consider today but a brief introduction."
Lot "Soon, we will assemble. When that day comes, you will lay down your sword for the last time."
Post-Battle Report
Fey "The mysterious force appears to have retreated. No casualties have been reported among the people of Camelot."
Guinevere "He was more handsome than King Rience, I'll give him that."
Merlin "Speaking of that Don Juan, a letter has arrived. It bears many other signatures as well."
Merlin "Kings Lot, Urien, Nentres, Idres, Clariance, Brandegoris,"
Merlin "Cradelment, Agwisance, Carados and Cambenet, as well as the hero known as the King of the Hundred Knights."
Arthur "The regional kings across Britain have joined forces...?!"
Guinevere "And every single one of them has failed to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "It is unknown to me how they could have used the Lake and the knights it produces."
Merlin "But there is one thing I do know."
Merlin "They are the Eleven Kings, your fellow Britons who will not recognize your claim to the throne with Excalibur."

Episode 2Edit

Name Unlock at Reward
Analyzing the Enemy 18

Episode 3Edit

Name Unlock at Rewards

Episode 4Edit

Name Unlock at Rewards

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